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Social sentiment

Periodically, all users will be asked questions about their projects. The answers to these questions are anonymous. The answers are aggregated and presented in a metric called 'social sentiment'.

Social sentiment offers an insight in to how people who are working on the project, feel about the project. Projects are delivered by people and research has found a very strong link between the morale of people on the project and the success of that project. Social sentiment gives you an insight in to that morale.

By regularly reviewing social sentiment, you can start to understand where the weaknesses are in your project. By working on developing these weaknesses, you improve the morale of the project team and improve the results that the project delivers, which in turn increases the morale. It's a positive feedback loop.

Good Project Managers that have very high EQs can pick up this without social sentiment indicators. For the rest of us, these insights allow us to run better projects. (And for those with strong EQ, the indicators are a good confirmation check too).

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