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Each time a task is completed, people are asked to record how long they spent on the task. This is useful in three ways.

Firstly, this data is used to compare actual performance on tasks to forecast performance on tasks. If you continue to deliver tasks with 25% more effort than forecast, OnTheSamePage will 'learn' this and use this to change the amount of work it recommends you accept in a given sprint.

Secondly, this data is used to inform financial forecasts. If John continually takes longer than forecast, the system will look at how much John is being used on the project and alter the forecasts for the project based on John's utilisation and performance.

Thirdly, each task is given an estimate for how long it is likely to take, by the AI system. This estimate is based on who did the estimate, who will be doing the work and the historic accuracy of both of those. Simply by recording actual time spent on tasks, we can get more richer insights in to what the project should be committing to in the future and the cost forecasts for the project.

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