Varsha Hsu

Varsha Hsu

Agile newbie
I'm in a project team and we are starting to use Agile. We've read a lot about it, but we're in the early stages of using it in our work. As an Agile newbie...
  • A lot of our team say we don't need to plan as much now we're using Agile. That doesn't feel right to me.
  • I'm concerned that we're going to try and implement Agile practices and we're not going to do it very well.
  • Our leaders want us to try Agile, but there isn't really the support network in place to make sure we get this right and to show us how to do it properly.
  • Sometimes reading books isn't enough and you need that real-world experience that we lack.


Agile planning

As someone who is new to Agile, I don’t understand the right way to plan an Agile project. I hear people say that we don’t need to plan because we’re now Agile. But that doesn’t feel right.

OnTheSamePage has a variety of tools to help people plan an Agile project. Story maps let you create long-range plans, focusing on business outcomes and benefits and show how the work you do relates to achievement of the business outcomes. Backlogs show all the requirements for the project and allow you to group and prioritise those. And finally, Sprints create a finer level of detail for the work that is near-term.

OnTheSamePage connects all 3 of these planning tools so changes in one are reflected in the other. Planning is integrated, agile and low-touch.


Your Agile coach

Our team have never used Agile before and we’re nervous about applying it in the right way. We hear lots of stories of companies who have tried it, but it hasn’t worked well for them. We want to avoid those mis-steps when we try Agile.

OnTheSamePage has real-time AI that watches how you are delivering your project. The AI recommends new Agile principles for you to start using once you’ve got previous principles nailed. If you’re new to Agile, it walks you through a systematic way of starting to deploy Agile techniques on your projects.


Help & Support

Never having used Agile before, we probably need a bit more help than most. It’s not intuitive to us and we’d like to understand the principles we’re using and how they’re supposed to help. The AI is helpful in guiding us on our journey, but we want to understand the concepts in more detail as well.

OnTheSamePage has a wealth of videos that explain the key Agile concepts. Now, when we’re being encouraged to use a Definition of Ready, we can watch some videos that explain what this is and why it is important. We can then delve in to the collection of how-to videos to see how to do this in OnTheSamePage. It’s a great resource to help us on our journey.