Earl Winston

Earl Winston

I work in an Agile development team. We're starting to explore using digital tools to manage our work. As a Developer...
  • We have a lot of bright people in the development team with good ideas on how to improve our performance.
  • We need a way to demonstrate that our ideas are the right ones and to show that it will make a positive difference.
  • We have evolved the standard Agile principles so they work better for us and the way that we work.
  • It would be great to find some Agile software that is not prescriptive and allows us to work the way we want to work.


Works the way I work

We already gel as a team. We have a way of working together that works well for us. It’s important that any software we use, allows us to continue to work the way that we work. Other teams may work differently and there needs to be enough flexibility for different teams to work in different ways.

OnTheSamePage recognises that different teams work in different ways. All teams can customise their own workflow and their own standards. A Definition of Done for one team, may be different than for another team. The stages that work flows through may be different for one team than for another team. Different teams can use the software in different ways – ways that work for them.


Making a difference

We have lots of ideas on how we want to improve as a team. The difficulty is knowing if the changes we make actually make a positive difference. There’s no shortage of ideas, but we don’t want to change things that don’t improve us as a team.

OnTheSamePage makes it easy to understand when our changes make a difference. The success indicator tells us in real-time if the changes we have made make us more likely to be successful.

At the same time, the social sentiment indicators let us understand how the changes made are affecting the team. Keeping team morale high is very important to us. With OnTheSamePage social sentiment tools we can be sure that we’re making morale-appropriate changes and keeping the team buzzing.


Not prescriptive

OnTheSamePage provides a set of tools for us, but leaves it up to us which of them we use and which we don’t. As we develop our capabilities, there are more tools that we can use. At the same time, we are encouraged to add the next tool to our repertoire that will make us a better team.

But we never reach an impasse. We never get to the point where we are forced to use a process or principle that doesn’t quite fit for us. We can use OnTheSamePage to manage our work the way we want to and only add new things when they make sense to us.