Rebecca Fortis

Rebecca Fortis

I have many projects on the go at the same time. I have a lot of other responsibilities and don't have a lot of time to keep projects on track. As a leader...
  • I am often a sponsor on projects.
  • I am supposed to have oversight over many projects, but it’s hard to do in detail.
  • I’m not sure if my projects are going to deliver what I am expecting.
  • The reports and detail I get from the project team don’t always give me the insights that I need.


Where to focus?

With so many projects on the go, it is difficult to know which ones need my focus. It’s not always about focusing on the ‘red’ projects. Sometimes it’s about understanding a project is degrading and stepping in before it goes red. With so many projects on the go, this is hard to do.

OnTheSamePage provides the answer. With the ability to group projects in to portfolios, I can see the performance of all my projects in one place. But rather than a project health indicator which is subjective and decided by the project team, OnTheSamePage presents me with a likelihood of success indicator, which is system driven. It adds a level of objectivity in to project performance. Now I can see exactly where I need to focus and I can mark certain projects as favourites for an extra level of detail right in the portfolio view.


Are we nearly there yet?

I need to know when projects are due to deliver. This is necessary for resource planning and understanding when I can press the ‘go’ button on the next project I need the teams to work on. And I find it really hard to get an accurate answer. Project teams tend to be optimistic and miss their expected delivery dates fairly often.

OnTheSamePage takes the guess work out of project delivery dates. By understanding how teams progress through work, the system can estimate when certain things are going to be completed. I now get another view, that’s objective and backed up with data and analysis, on when projects will complete. It takes some of the guess-work away.


A helping hand

I’ve focused on which projects are less likely to be successful. My next task is to work out what help and support they need. Normally, this is quite subjective and needs me to have lots of conversations, piecing together opinions and taking educated bets on the right course of action.

OnTheSamePage simplifies the whole process of working out what support a project needs. The real-time AI offers suggestions on what needs to change and why. This makes it easy to understand what support I can bring, to make the project more successful.