Rami Daoud

Rami Daoud

Project Manager
I spend too much time reporting and understanding project status. I want to spend more of my time managing the project and improving things for the team. As a Project Manager...
  • When something goes wrong, I want to know about it as soon as possible.
  • Sometimes I don't find out about things that have gone wrong until it's too late.
  • I spend a lot of time getting updates from people and then communicating that status to stakeholders and sponsors.
  • I spend a lot of time assimilating inputs and evaluating what that means for the project status.


Has something gone wrong?

OnTheSamePage has an in-built AI system that constantly, in real-time analyses everything that is happening on the project.

When something happens that looks like it could be a problem, it will let you know. Juggling the many connections and inter-relations on a project can be hard. Now you don't have to. The AI system will keep an eye on everything for you, and let you know when something needs your attention.


Communicating to stakeholders

With OnTheSamePage, you can give your stakeholders log-ons and they can see for themselves how the project is progressing.

If your stakeholders are unlikely to do this (we're project people too, we understand!) then the story map is a great tool for showing stakeholders how the project is progressing in their own language. It is a report as much as it's a planning tool and includes percent complete indicators and shows what is currently being worked on and when it is going to be released.

The AI system also 'watches' how you are delivering and forecasts when the story map will be complete. This is a great bit of information to share with Stakeholders too.


Evaluating project status

OnTheSamePage has 3 indicators that, in seconds, will tell you how the project is doing.

The success indicator tells you how likely your project is to be successful. You can see how this is trending over time. It updates in real-time and keeping an eye on it is a great way to see when status degrades.

The sprint indicator tells you how well the current sprint is performing. If the team get behind, the indicator will change to reflect it.

The backlog indicator tells you if the backlog is refined and ready sufficiently to keep the project team busy and productive. If your sprint is good and your project is good, but you haven't refined enough of your backlog, this is where you'd find that out.

All 3 indicators are available from the portfolio page by making your project into a favourite.